Surge Personal Training On Demand

Surge Personal Training On Demand

18 Episodes

A dedicated collection of Surge Fitness Personal Trainers providing workout tips, nutrition & support to members working out at home. Our team of coaches are some the most highly qualified and experienced in the fitness and wellness industry and we are proud to have them tailor individual programs to get out menders the results they desire. Our trainers are passionate about making a difference, improving life and building healthy communities. Follow them on their social media channels for more daily inspiration and tips!

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Surge Personal Training On Demand
  • AJ’s Lower Body Circuit 17/5/20

    Episode 1

    5 lower body exercises with no equipment needed. Working for 30 sec intervals with 10 sec transitions. Complete all exercise, then have a 2 min recovery after each set. If new 3 sets, moderate training complete 4 set and for the hard core 5 set of work!! Good luck!!!

  • Nutrition talk with Daniel England - Monday 27/04

    Episode 1

  • Deadlift Workshop with Kyle

    Episode 5

    The Fundamentals of a perfect Deadlift with PT Kyle

  • Lower Body Circuit with Sam 24/08/2020

    During the Pandemic most of us have experienced some period of inactivity, particularly of our lower limbs. Long periods of inactivity can induce muscle atrophy, therefore this session is designed to get our legs moving while increasing our heart rate.

  • Stretches for Stress Relief with JJ

    Break up your day by following this full body stretch and mobility routine designed to keep your posture proud and your stresses low.

    Prolonged sitting is linked to several serious health issues related to being overweight, however the goal of this video is to address the built up stresses from...

  • AJ’s Abs Workout

    Episode 8

    A Short Ab workout where you can control the amount of sets as each exercise is set for a 30 sec phase. Aj has tailored a continual Abdominal workout to keep you burning.

  • Nutrition talk with Sam

    Episode 9

    Join qualified Nutritionist Sam Norcliffe for a Q&A on all nutrition, Are you sourcing adequate nutrition to back your training? Why are Carbs important? Let Sam answer anything you need to know.

  • Chest Hints & Tips with Simon 06/01/21

    Bench press hints & tips, the best ways, variations & techniques with our Fitness Manager Simon.

  • All body workout with Tim Clarke!

    Join Tim Clarke for an all body session as he uses Brian for a quick all body workout, chest, back, legs & get hit in this session.

  • Chaos Theory with Jakeb

    When life HIIT’s us with Chaos, the S Connect Team seek those underlying patterns which lay within . Identifying these patterns , provides us with the formula for the perfect systematised dynamic workout . It’s science brah. By the time it’s completed, even Albert Einstein would be theorising how...

  • Strength talk with Meagan

    Episode 14

    Let's Chat Strength training and programming with PT Megan.

  • Jakeb Roll and Release 18/12/20

    Episode 16

    Also known as Self-Myofascial Release or Foam Rolling, thi effective class will focus on releasing tension not only in the muscles of the body, but also in the nerves and connective tissue – the fascia. Learn a variety of techniques with the aid of a foam roller to relieve muscle soreness and joi...

  • Barbell and/or Dumbbell Strength & Conditioning with Sophie & Viresh 07/05/20

    Episode 2

  • LET'S CHAT WITH PT AJ 12/10/20

    Episode 12

    A quick information session with PT AJ going over the fundamentals of Correct Warm up exercises for the Shoulders, Thoracic Mobility and External Rotations. Knowledge is power!!

  • Warren - Structuring Workout Ideas 17/5/20

    Episode 2

    Warren PT from Surge Clarkson joins us to provide some hints & tips for workouts from home.

  • Glute Activation with Jenny & Sam 10/11

    Learn the importance of glute activation and how to engage your glutes correctly. The exercises in this video can be used as a workout on their own or as part of a warm pre-workout.

  • Full Body Power Band Workout with Sam & Jenny

    If you’ve got a power band, give this full body HIIT workout a shot. 45 seconds of hard work, 15 seconds of rest. No power bands? No problem, use your body weight or dumbbells and still get an awesome muscle burning session.

  • Hip Flexibility & Mobility with Sam & Jenny 19/07/2020

    The benefits of this type of workout is increased range of motion which will help you maintain good posture and techniques throughout a range of exercises and motions. It will also help your day to day comfort and reduce your risk of injury. See if you can control your movement with core and glut...